Collaborating with Demi Remick

Last summer I was on tour with Postmodern Jukebox in Europe. We were outside of Milan, playing at an outdoor festival. The weather was humid with patches of light rain. The green room and catering were in tents.

A few…

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It's been 16 Sundays

since I last wrote here. 14 states and 6 countries later, I made the time to write again. 

Hudson is in the mid-'90s today, sunny, hot, with little breeze. Chloe and I meditated for 15 minutes this morning and then…

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Snowstorm Invasion

This past Friday I had a photoshoot with my dear friend, JD Urban during a beautiful snowstorm. It was the biggest snow we've had this season and it made for a great day of shooting. I'm so grateful to JD…

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Four Thousand Weeks

It's interesting how social media claims to bring us closer together yet at that same time divides us further apart. I've often found myself down an endless scroll to the bottom of nowhere, wondering what catalyst will make me say…

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Weekend Trip

The temperature warmed up to the mid 40's on Saturday for a mid-winter-spring tease that melted some of the ice that's lingered on our west-facing street. I wore my new suit black suit I ordered for the tour to Australia…

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Atomic Ice

Chloe bought me the book, Atomic Habits for my upcoming tour to Australia (which has now been moved to the fall) and I've been devouring it the past week. She knows me so well. It's a fascinating read on…

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Monday Surprises

On Monday of last week, I attended a funeral service of a friend and larger-than-life person at the Cedar Park Cemetary. David Ackerman was the president YouThisMe, a health care and privacy app company I've worked with since moving to…

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The Dead of Winter

The red dots on my hands have faded, leaving only callouses on the tips of my fingers. They are peeling and remind me of upright bass players' fingers after heavy playing.

I went sledding with my daughter this week behind…

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Sea lice

It's sunny and 4 degrees in Hudson today. I'm still acclimating from being in the 70s and 80s in Mexico to being below freezing back home in New York.

My 40th birthday trip to Sayulita was filled with meals, laughs…

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The internet keeps going in and out at the Amor Boutique Hotel in Sayulita, Mexico where I've been staying the past few days with my family. I was waiting for the internet to work to write today and then I…

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New Year

This year I say goodbye to my 30's and hello to my 40's. I'm turning 40 on January, 11th 2022 and to celebrate I planned a trip to Mexico with my family. I wanted to wake up and hear the…

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